Volunteer Today

Make a difference in their lives

If you are not able to adopt one of our rescued cats or dogs but have some spare time, patience, and love for animals, we’d still like to hear from YOU.

Your help in walking dogs or playing with cats living at our animal shelter are most welcome. Any person over 14 years of age can support us this way (minors require written consent from parents). There is nothing more comforting to the soul than smooching or grooming our cats and dogs. They adore our volunteers and are extremely appreciative of every little bit of attention.

Maybe you are good with your hands; we always have something that needs fixing, clearing a blocked drain, brightening up the kennels with a fresh coat of paint or fixing a door. If you are determined to lend a helping hand but don’t know how to go about it, please contact us. Our four-legged friends will be forever thankful.