The rehabilitation of Lexi

Imagine coming from a home where you were never treated as family and were merely a kept dog. No human interaction, attention or love. So much so that what should have been a loyal companion is now scared, anxious and cowering, not allowing anyone near her.

Meet Lexi, though we do not have full details on her background, we can clearly see she has not had a good life up to now. Lexi's social skills basically do not exist. She is afraid of human touch and avoids any interaction. What to do? We cannot give up on such a beautiful girl. It is not through her own fault that she behaves like this. Lexi deserves the opportunity to become what she was intended to be; Man's Best Friend!

Our team, Rex, our SPCA working dog and K9 pack started the process of Lexi's rehab. The first week Lexi stayed in one of our puppy kennels and we hoped that seeing and hearing more humans would help her overcome her fear. However this had little impact on her. Then Lexi was introduced to some of our pack in the back doggy playground. This big yard is separate from our front playground where our dogs spend their days playing and socialising instead of staying in their kennels all day. The first week Lexi spent 24 hours with her new friends and in the beginning she would not engage with them at all. Slowly we started walking dogs up to her and petting them in front of her and slowly, but surely Lexi started engaging with the other dogs. Lexi has especially taken a liking to Bobby, the rough Border Collie X.

Rex, our working dog is the leader throughout all this, he calms the pack. Though Rex is a troubled dog himself, it is as if he knows and understands what other traumatised dogs are going through and this makes him a vital member of our pack. The pack orbits around him like he is the sun. Rex will correct members of the pack should they display improper behaviour, and this is good.

Lexi has also started to engage in play and picked up a dog toy for the first time. She still does not allow any human contact and will ignore anyone calling her. This is fine, she will do this in her own time and we will not force anything on her. Time & patience goes a long way. We will update you on Lexi's progress as we go a long and have new breakthroughs. Good girl Lexi!

Our animals are our children and we believe they deserve a chance to become all they can be and as it should be. Please help us continue their second chances by donating and supporting the Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA). We are proud to celebrate 50 years of service to the Swakopmund community and our beloved animals.

Please deposit or transfer your donation to:

Account Name: Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) Name of Bank: Nedbank Swakopmund Account Number: 11 000 435 343 Branch Code: 461 052

German Bank Details: Heike Witt, Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) Volkbank Hamburg eG IBAN: DE49201900031002973201


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