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Your added voice makes ours and theirs stronger

Why we need members

We need a strong membership so that we can stand as a united front to help the animals for which we are accountable! The more people involved positively, the wider the circle spreads. The Tierschutzverein Swakopmund (SPCA) needs constant support to help our animals in need. Please become a member and feel proud to help our animals!

Our Objectives

Repression of all acts of cruel, wanton or improper treatment of all animals.

Encouragement of kindness towards them; to accept and care for all stray

animals; to maintain boarding kennels and a in-house clinic for pet animals.


Annual Membership Fees 2022

Children        Under 16 are free

Adult             N$ 450

Pensioner       N$ 200

Family           N$ 500

Corporate      N$ 3,000


Kindly note:

  • All Annual Membership Fees 2022 includes 15% VAT.

  • Membership fees are subject to change and will be announced annually.

  • Membership Fees are not calculated pro-rata and are fixed for the calendar year Jan. to Dec.

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